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When will you join me in labor? And when should I call you?

I usually tell my clients to call or text me when they think labor has begun. This can be different for each woman, as you may experience contractions first, or your water may break with no sign of contractions. I will join you whenever you feel a need for the extra support. Some first time moms prefer I join them earlier in labor, other moms will prefer I meet them in the hospital after they are in active labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the doula take the place of the birth partner? Or in other words, I don't need a doula if my husband/partner is attending the birth with me?

Answer: The doula is separate from your husband/partner and serves a completely different role. The doula's role is to bring you and your partner together during your birth experience. She brings with her training and knowledge on comfort measures, fetal positioning, the stages of labor (both physically and mentally), and alternative modalities during labor. 

Do you have a backup doula, in case you are unavailable or at another birth?

I strive to only have 2 clients per month, this allows me to be widely available to my clients. However in the event that unforeseen circumstances happen, I do have several back up doulas.

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