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As a creative, I am constantly enjoying finding new ways to not only improve my own journey, but also for other people.  These products are an expression of my creativity and I hope you find them helpful in your pregnancy, birth, postpartum, bereavement or path as a Doula!  

These are all Affiliate Links to Amazon. When you use the links on this page, I can earn commissions. Thank you for supporting me by using these links!

The Birth Doula Journal

After years of attending births as a Doula with no simple & easy way to track the births I've attended, I finally decided to create my own Birth Log Book! I was frustrated with my record keeping systems and didn't enjoy the digital records I was having to maintain. Thus, The Birth Doula Journal was born! Get rid of the frustration that comes along with wondering how you'll keep client records, and utilize this journal to keep information in a neat and tidy fashion.

The Birth Doula Journal is the perfect organizational tool for Doulas or other birth professionals to log the births they've attended. In this journal you're able to:
• Chart birth details for 25 clients.
• Write the birth story of each client.
• Track what you've learned, how you've been inspired & grown in each birth space!

The book is 6 x 9 inches with a matte soft cover - also available in hard cover! The Doula Client Journal is sleek and small, perfect for your desk or to keep in your birth bag.

Track your clients all in one place. Years from now you can look back on your favorite birth stories and reflect on how far you've come in serving your clients! This journal also allows you to do a year in review and easily pull statistics breakdowns for your yearly review process.

Purchase today to ease your organizational frustrations, and move forward in your Doula journey feeling organized and empowered!

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This is an Amazon Affiliate Link, Commissions are earned when you use this link!

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